Who We Are

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After “retiring” from our careers in business (Debbie as an event coordinator for a major company; Ray as owner and president of an advertising agency), we decided to embark on our mission to promote horticulture, and urban agriculture in particular.

Debbie holds a B.A. from the University of Saskatchewan, and is a Master Gardener with more than 40 years experience as a home gardening enthusiast, along with experience working in a highly regarded gardening centre and exhibitor and volunteer at Gardenscape Saskatoon.

A former high school educator and owner of an advertising agency for more than 25 years, Ray holds a B.A. (adv.) and B.Ed. from the U of S, and in 2016 earned a Prairie Horticulture Certificate through the University of Saskatchewan, with an overall average of 91% in courses including landscape design, applied botany, soils for horticulture, propagation, fruit production, integrated plant and pest management, and safe post-harvest food handling. In 2015, Ray also earned accreditation as a Green Roof Professional through Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. Like Debbie, he is a Master Gardener as well as a Composting Coach in Saskatoon.

R&D Garden Services is a registered Saskatchewan business, licenced with the City of Saskatoon, and member of the Saskatoon Horticultural Society.

Explore the potential of your outdoor space and achieve it.

Our starting point for every project, large or small, is you. We can address your specific concerns; we can make recommendations that best suit your preferences and lifestyle; we can create landscapes that you will enjoy for many years to come. We would be happy to arrange a free consultation at your home or business: