Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you take credit cards or installment payments?

Yes, we take all forms of payment, including major credit cards. We can also arrange payments in installments, according to a pre-arranged service schedule.

Is a deposit required?

Generally, no. Deposits may be required for projects involving significant initial plant and material costs, such as major deliveries of soil, or in the case where we subcontract services (such as landscape construction) which require a deposit.

Do you use pesticides or GMO plants?

As advocates of responsible IPM (Integrated Plant/Pest Management) we recommend the responsible, carefully controlled and regulated use of pesticides only as a last resort, and where such use can be justified due to risks to neighbouring properties or economic loss. We do not take the view that genetic modification of plants is in itself harmful or unethical, and in fact science has played an essential role in preventing the starvation of millions throughout the world. However, we are very happy to respect the views of our clients who want absolute assurance that their living space is developed according to their beliefs, including their definition of organic gardening.

What services do you subcontract?

We are proud of the great working relationships we continue to develop with reputable local gardening centres, suppliers, landscapers and landscape designers, and other horticultural professionals. We typically sub or jointly contract services such as lawn care, tree removal and trimming, and major “hardscaping” (e.g. patio and pathway installations, retainer walls, etc.).  For some clients, our greatest benefit is to provide a single source point of service for the many different aspects of outdoor development and maintenance, such as sprinkler system installation.

Explore the potential of your outdoor space and achieve it.

Our starting point for every project, large or small, is you. We can address your specific concerns; we can make recommendations that best suit your preferences and lifestyle; we can create landscapes that you will enjoy for many years to come. We would be happy to arrange a free consultation at your home or business: