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Yard Assessments & Recommendations

What horticultural advantages and challenges does your property have? If you’ve just purchased a home, what plants – including trees and shrubs – are in your yard? What should you consider before changing your landscape, and how should you go about it? What should you keep? What could be planted, and where?

Scheduled Maintenance

Want to enjoy all your yard has to offer, without all the work that a yard can demand? We can set up a regular schedule that allows you to determine what you would like done, within the budget range you have in mind. For many of our clients, it's simply a matter of, "This is what I want to spend each month over the summer, just go ahead and do what you do best within that budget." Done! We also can help out during the short term, such as those times when you're on vacation, or unable to do the work yourself, for whatever reason.

Plant Recommendations
Landscape Design

Landscape Planning

Do you want a classic French garden, the ultimate food-producing garden, or a combination of the two? What about winterscaping to create an interesting view from your window, regardless of the season? Using the principles of professional landscape design – and by procuring the reliable portfolio of required services – R&D can help you envision and plan your own, personal, outdoor space, and coordinate the project from start to finish.

Hort Coaching

We are happy to share our gardening “secrets” with you while working together on your property, to be a resource you can rely on from time to time, and to recommend reliable learning programs, affiliations and other sources that will help you be a successful, self-reliant gardener.

Hort Coaching
Xeriscaping and Low Maintenance Yards

Xeriscaping and Low Maintenance Yards

You don’t need a large budget or be an avid gardener to create a personal space that is at once enjoyable and relatively worry-free – as well as less expensive to maintain and helpful to the environment through water conservation and other beneficial practices.

Green Roofs and Living Walls

We are one of the few gardening services in Saskatchewan to earn Green Roof Professional accreditation, including installation of living walls and the transformation of spaces once thought to be unsuitable for gardens and green spaces. We will be happy to provide simple solutions, such as pictured here, or advise on much more ambitious green roof or living wall projects.

Green Roofs and Living Walls
Specialty Services for Those with Mobility or Other Challenges

Specialty Services for Those with Mobility or Other Challenges

Our bench garden designs have brought people and plants together in special care homes, and enabled seniors to continue to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of growing plants. We can also set up seasonal services to assist those who want to continue to enjoy and take pride in their yards despite physical limitations.


It looks great! The colours are just as I imagined… beautiful. Kathleen F.D.

We are really happy with all the work you have done and we truly did not have the time. Cathy F.

We really like all the work you both did in the yard.

The work you both did is really spectacular! CF

Explore the potential of your outdoor space and achieve it.

Our starting point for every project, large or small, is you. We can address your specific concerns; we can make recommendations that best suit your preferences and lifestyle; we can create landscapes that you will enjoy for many years to come. We would be happy to arrange a free consultation at your home or business: